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      Check out some of my travels and adventures through web journals I’ve kept over the years.


      I’ve archived some of my non-blog writing, including published works, here.

      Lincoln Research

      I focus much of my research on Abraham Lincoln—his youth, his life, and his legacy.

      From the Blog

      Lincoln Day 2019

      Lincoln Day 2019

      Lincoln historian and author Bill Bartlet, who co-edited Abe's Youth with me, will be the featured speaker at the annual Lincoln Day program at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial on Sunday, February 10, 2019. Bartelt is a former employee of...
      Finding Our Sense of National Identity

      Finding Our Sense of National Identity

      A bombshell New York Times op-ed by an anonymous author rightly suggests an urgent need to transcend increasing tribalism, which presents a troubling challenge to American civic life. Can we come together around a defining narrative, or make our multiple...
      Abe’s Youth

      Abe’s Youth

      I’m pleased to announce that William "Bill" Bartelt and I signed a contract with Indiana University Press to publish a new book tentatively titled Abe’s Youth: Shaping the Future President. I’m especially excited to work with Bill, widely considered the...

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